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Friday, July 27, 2007

Suggested Nokia N95 (S60) applications and freeware

The Nokia N95 is the latest GPS-enabled smartphone (er.. multi-media computer) to hit the market. We're pleased to provide users and would-be users of the Nokia N95 with this excellent resource providing leads and tips for suggested symbian OS (S60) freeware and apps.. enjoy! See Nokia N95 Freeware Directory Here

Our suggested tools and tips to date include a number of business and productivity tools, location-aware apps to take advantage of the built-in GPS, mobile TV feeds and resources, and much more. The list includes:

Adobe Reader for Symbian OS

amAze - Satellite and Aerial Imagery

Best Screen Capture

Best TaskMan

Best Vcard

FreeBe TV - FREE mobile TV content


iSync - Nokia / Mac

mobile9 videos

MoveDigital Mobile

NewsCopier RSS reader

Nokia Experience

Nokia Maps

Nokia N95 Support Page

Nokia N95 Tutorial

Nokia Phone Update Utility

PC Suite



Y-Browser (for S60 3)


Visit the Nokia N95 Freeware Directory Here

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