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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Simple email alerts via text message

Here's a mobile tip for you that could save you plenty of time and even help you make some cash. Ever wanted to have immediate text message alerts when something happens of if you received an email or order etc... while away from your PC? No problemmo, you can easily email messages to your mobile via simple text message using your "special" email address from your carrier. For example, I now receive a txt alert is someone orders a job posting on our website. The system that receives our orders and provides notification simply also sends an email to - very simple. Below are the codes required so that anyone (almost) can do this themselves. Enjoy and give a try for yourself by sending an email to your number in the format appropriate for your carrier.

Virgin Mobile:

where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nokia Maps 3 and Location-Based Triggers

Interesting to see that on the heels of the official release of Nokia Maps 2, the company already has hinted at Nokia Maps 3, or at least what may be part of Maps 3... enter Location-based Triggers. Case in point, a filing at the World Intellectual Property Organization

So, what are location-based triggers? From the filing document, Location based triggering (LBT) can be utilized when providing services for various users to define actions that are triggered based on physical locations of objects, people, or any other point of interest (POI).

See more at WIPO -

Thanks to TechAHA for providing us with this tip - See

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Several leaked Nokia devices Nokia N85, N79

Looks like someone blew it again and posted some photos on flickr showing devices from Nokia that have not yet been released. Among them, the Nokia N79, Nokia 5800 Express Music, Nokia N85 (slider), and Nokia 6260. See more
Seems to me that perhaps if an app like Geomarc was embedded into cameras it would be useful in tracking metadata on such "leaked" images

Forum Nokia Code Camp Competition winners - Flickret and CityLite

Forum Nokia has announced the winners of the 2008 Code Camp Competition - CityLite by MSCorp of Coral Springs, Florida. A mobile guide to night life and Flickret a mashup that combines the Flickr photo-sharing app with MapQuest APIs. The contest aimed at inspiring Forum Nokia Code Camp attendees to build Web Runtime (WRT) widgets and Flash applications. See more

Friday, June 6, 2008

Job opp J2ME mobile app developer

I have another colleague in search of developers if your interested. Company X is looking at developing a very cool mobile application - J2ME - supported by Symbian S60 smartphones like the N73, N95 etc... Ideally the app will also involve streaming data (like vids, photos) to a web server from the mobile and perhaps integration of the gMaps API into the web service. this is a very interesting opportunity for those interested also with a short timeline so someone is needed ASAP. Contact glenn at gisuser dot com if you want to be considered or need more info.