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Monday, October 27, 2008

Google LatLong: Google Earth now available for iPhone

Google has rolled out Google earth for iPhone and iPod touch -- From the lat/long blog... The world just got a little bit smaller. Google Earth is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch, allowing you to fly to the far reaches of the world from the palm of your hand.
Source: Google LatLong: Google Earth now available for iPhone: "To get Google Earth on your iPhone, visit the App Store in iTunes or your iPhone, and search for 'Google Earth.'"

Friday, October 24, 2008 mobile player Mobbler

Here's a tip for a fine client for S60 - mobbler - Mobbler, Mobile Scrobbler, is a radio player and scrobbler for Nokia S60 3rd edition smartphones. It allows you to listen to your radio stations and to scrobble tracks played using the Nokia S60 Music Player. Get it here

Google Geo Developers Blog: Geocoding... in Reverse!

According to the Google geo dev blog this week, Google now is making reverse geocoding available to developers. This is pretty huge for developers... in a nutshell this enables developers to add functionality that generates an address from a lat/long pair - a much tougher process than the reverse, which is grabbing a coordinate pair from an address (geocoding).
As a great example of a cool use of this technology enter MeetWays, a clever mashup that enables users to enter 2 locations (detailed or simply using zip codes) along with a variable (like pizza or coffee etc...) and in return you get returned locations that are aprrox in the middle... imagine, I enter your zip and mine and we determine a half way point to meet-up.. this is awesome!!

See also the HTTP Geocoding service for server-side geocoding, and the GClientGeocoder class for client-side geocoding

Google Geo Developers Blog: Geocoding... in Reverse!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video - Nokia house tour, Helsinki Finland

Just dug up this video captured in Helsinki, finland, Sept 2008 at nokia house.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another great Mobile Industry Review Show

Have you see the MobileIndustry Review yet? If not, check out the latest edition filmed in London. James is up to his usual self, hopping around an a coffee and red bull induced frienzy. Enjoy as he runs around asking people to show him their mobile... I love the chick with the dead N78!
Then there's the Nokia 6820 user.. nice, bet you haven't seen one of those for some time now! And a killer scene with the 3 US dudes that aren't carrying their phones with them (you know, roaming charges!) a tip, when in Europe check out one of the carrier shops and grab yourself a pre-paid SIM for cheap cheap, enabling you to actually use your device, if anything else you can use unlimited data while there! And then the lady with the iPhone thats getting slooooooower and sloooooower.. gee, haven't heard that complaint for some time! Enjoy the show and thanks guys!

Mobile Industry Review Show - Week 41 from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

Friday, October 10, 2008

my Helsinki, finland slideshow from Nokia OpenLab08

Nokia Mobile Email Beta 3

Nokia has rolled out a new Beta mobile email service, enabling users to quickly and easily setup mobile email (a free service) on your mobile. Available for most E series devices and high-end N series units (like the N95, N82 etc...) Simply run through the email setup screens, enter your email account parameters (mail server, port, username etc...) you may need help from your ISP to get this if you aren't familiar with how to do this, then voilla... you're ready to receive your email while on the road... best of all it works and its free! I ran this service on the Nokia E71 while on a recent trip to Finland and it was a breeze and enabled me to easily stay in the know about what was happening at the office while I was away.. . see

Monday, October 6, 2008

The 16GB MicroSD

The 16GB MicroSD supported by Nokia N95 is here... you can grab it for around 50 Euro... for more on using the latest in memory see this report on the 16GB card. You can purchase online here

Do I need to update my firmware?

Are you wondering if your firmware is current? No problem, simply jump to this handy page at Nokia and see if you need to perform an update... good luck!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

which Smartphone would you like - Poll Results show Nokia N95

I recently posed a question to our readers... I asked, Which Mobile Device / Smartphone Do You Want Next?

If you could upgrade your mobile device next month which way would you go?? From roughly 100 responses the results are in:

  • iphone 8.8%
  • Bold 7.7%
  • G1 20%
  • N95 33.3 %
  • dont need 5.5%
  • Other 3.3%
  • S60 other 20%
I was somewhat surprised to see that 1/3 of the people responding suggested they would opt for the Nokia N95 - nice choice, that's my device of choice at the moment! Very interesting to see that "other" was very small and the "S60 Other", like perhaps a very slick N96, N82, or a nokia E70 got 20% of the vote. iPhone came in way down, no surprise there and the soon to be released G1 from HTC got 20%... excellent! Thanks for the feedback

DeviceAtlas 2.0 mobile device database

Looking for design specs on pretty much any mobile device? Look no further than the latest iteration of the Device database. Information on DeviceAtlas 2.0 - including the free Web-based version and free, fully licensed version for developers - is available at