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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nokia N95 Photos on Flickr - #1 Nokia device in use

Did you know you can view stats and photos on flickr that have been captured using Nokia N95 - see - The N95 is the #1 camera out of 46 Nokia devices being used by flickr users.

locogps for iphone

the locogps, coming soon for teh iPhone - 5-10 m accuracy

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Share your mobile photos online with Share Online

Share Online (Beta) is a free app from S60 enabling simple and fast access to your online photo sharing resources. You can control the file size and quality of your photos and video, add text to your posts, and browse to your page to see how it looks once you`re done. See

Thursday, December 27, 2007

PhoneZoo free Wallpapers and more for your mobile

IF your killing time over the holidays searching for free mobile stuff like themes, wallpapers, tones etc... see - simply setup a free account, login, send to phone

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Farcast Moblogger

Another tip on an interesting mobile app to consider adding to the portfolio.. Farcast Mobile Blogger... To get Moblogger, you have to first register with Farcast. Depending on your phone, you will then be given the option to download it straight onto your phone (over-the-air) or to download an installation file onto your PC and install it via your normal means of PC synchronisation (Bluetooth, USB, cable, cradle or infrared). See

MoDazzle offers mobile access to your social communities

Here's a tip on another interesting app that mobile-enables access to your social networks like linkedIn, facebook, etc... Check out more at

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ewan's Mobile Nokia Night Before Christmas

Thanks to Ewan for this awesome Night Before Christmas with a distinct Mobile & Finish flavor.. Merry Christmas to you too Ewan!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ask Mobile

If you like Ask you can now get it on your mobile web browser... o use these FREE Mobile Search Tools, simply enter into your phone's web browser. You can also subscribe and get the mobile version on certain carriers (no T-Mobil eyet.. big surprise there!) see

Nokia Sports Tracker holiday idea - track your sled rides with GPS

I have some holiday fun with the kids today as we used Nokia Sports Tracker and my Nokia N95 to track and save our sled rides down the slopes. Before we started down the slope I simply fired up sports tracker, got a GPS signal, slipped it into Megan's pocket and away she went. Her average speed up and down the slope was 4.8 kmph (slowed somewhat by the walk back up the hill1) and her maximum speed down the slope was a whopping 26.1 kmph (about 16 mph)... loads of fun!
See - you can find my tracks on user "gisuser"

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Nokia PC Suite Survey

Here's your chance to tell Nokia what you like or don't like about PC Suite... see survey on

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge set to marry

Wow... ok, that's what has become of the news.. all flipping day long this is what we have been subjected to... does anyone really care??? Of note, why is this "breaking" news coming out of Australia??? LOL... sorry for the off-topic nature of this post!

Nokia Research - GPS Sports Tracker gets a major update at 1.66

Hey Sports Tracker fans and mobile sports enthusiasts, we have news of a great gift for you in the latest upgrade to the Awesome, Sports Tracker Application now at R. 1.66. Now the mobile app is tightly integrated with the Online Beta Service! I accidentally spotted this update this morning when I went into Sports Tracker and was prompted for an update. I updated to version 1.66 and to my surprise the service is now compatible with the newly launched Nokia Sports Tracker Online Beta web service. See more in this article

Feel free to friend me in Sports Tracker - search user gisuser

See sample trek -

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Third Screen for Entertainment' Report

New research from the mobile technology sector is out... here's some of the findings:
-- Half the world's population -- 3.3 billion -- now has a mobile phone
-- More multimedia mobile phones (300 million) will be sold in 2008 than
TV sets, phones that can play audio and video as well as browse the
-- Nokia says 25% of entertainment on mobile devices will come from online
communities by 2012.
See details in the report

Happy Festivus all!

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Nokia N95 Firmware Update Tip v 20.0.015

Those of you that are brave might consider checking to see if your N95 1 mobile device has the latest firmware. If you haven't updated in a couple of months then you don't have the latest - be sure to perform a complete backup of your apps and data prior to this update!
Find your current software version by entering *#0000# on your Nokia device's keypad. The version number will look similar to this: V 12.3.456

To find the latest available device software update, you need your device’s product code. The code is printed on the white label beneath the battery and will look similar to this: CODE: 0520001

Useful Links:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nokia's MOSH gets a new look

Been to MOSH lately? If not you'll notice a new look next time you go there. The site is reoganized slightly and the experience when you browse and upload is slightly different. Most notable is the seek visibility... you can seek for items based on name, title, tags etc... so for example, seek "maps" and whenever new content gets posted that meets your criteria you'll be notified. Or, if you upload something you'll then be notified of people that are seeking what you just uploaded.. quite intelligent really. See


A cool app that enables you to check on a taxi fare in 9 major cities, a mobile client available too - see

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Seafood Festival

A cool poster image from the destin Seafood Festival, Florida

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Get Taxi Fare estimates and maps on your mobile with TaxiWiz

TaxiWiz - what a clever mashup and a fine mobile app.. TaxiWiz is now available for 9 cities and hopefully more soon! Enter a start point and destination and taxiwiz routes you on Google maps, predicts a fare, and even can provide directions and routing... this is awesome! Using the PC version simply click a start and end point on the Google map and your route is traced. You are then presented with distance of trip, suggested taxi fee + tip, and then optional routing directions. The site also offers taxi tips to users as a handy extra. See

Results of a search for a taxi route in New York City using the PC client. Notice the suggested route and fee listed in upper left.

The TaxiWiz Mobile app as seen using Nokia N95 8GB device. Ideally I'd love to see this app taken a couple of steps further, for example, how about integrating it with Google Maps mobile? Since I have Google maps on my device perhaps an option to see the route on a map would be a nice offering. I'd also like to see an option to call a cab company or search for local cab companies... this app could be HUGE!

Viewing and Editing Office 2007 Files on S60 mobile devices

New from QuickOffice... As the first mobile office software suite to support the new Microsoft Office 2007 file formats on the S60 platform, Quickoffice allows users to now open, view, edit and create Word and Excel 2007 documents in their native XML formats, directly on their phone and without compromising data integrity. See

Nokia Global site down, N-Gage launch today?

Interesting to note that the Nokia Global website at has been down for about a day now and there's still no news or a sign of N-Gage which was supposed to launch today as part of the roll-out of Nokia services via Ovi... hhhmmmmm.. seee

Sony Ericsson has announced the winners of it inaugural Content Awards

Sony Ericsson has announced the winners of it inaugural Content Awards along with a special award for the best use of phone functionality. The winners of the 2007 Sony Ericsson Content Awards (source:

Gaming - Mr Goodliving / "Playman Extreme Running"
"Playman Extreme Running looks great and plays really smoothly. It's addictive - I'll play this again and again."
Imaging - BitCycle / "PullFace Image Manipulator"
"Making people look funny is a sure-fire success. This is the kind of application that made me want to be a designer."
Productive Mobility - Opera / Opera Mini 4.0
"The best mobile browsing experience. Now I can go to any website in the world on my mobile phone."
Music& Audio - Grace Note / "Track ID"
"Being both useful and great fun, this is really good stuff. It's right there when you need it and it's easy, easy, easy."
Themes & Graphics - Metronize/Clavitones / The Geeks themes and graphics
"It's not just great animation - it's a great story!"

Sony Ericsson Special Recognition Award: Best use of phone functionality - Vringo
Vringo is a rich and deep application that makes extremely good use of the capabilities available in Sony Ericsson Mobile phones - from voice, video, camera and buddy lists. And with its community features, it adds a new dimension to the consumer experience.

You can find more information on the winners at the award site:

Monday, December 17, 2007

Free, Christmas Holiday Nokia N95 themes

A couple of Christmas gifts for you Nokia N95 users (actually, you can download and have them resized for any mobile device)... enjoy the holiday themes... I created a couple in my spare time.

OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: Christmas Blue 1

OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: Christmas Red

OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: Christmas Classic Red

OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: Holiday Reindeer

OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: NorthAm-map

OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: Antique Map

And a cool one for you fans of New Belgium's Fat Tire Ale!

OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: Fat Tire Beer Theme

No Twitter via T-Mobile?? Bogus

I've been reading today that T-Mobile apparently cut off access to twitter by its users.. I don't get it! I just sent a message to Twitter via my mobile device using txt messaging enabled via Twitter and it works just fine! Mindyou, I have an unlocked device that I use so perhaps that's the iussue! I guess if T-mobile users really can't send to twitter they could use a third party app like Twibble - see also the Twitter blog

mywaves Best of 2007 Mobile Videos

mywaves has released some stats and top producers for 2007...

-- Top 5 Celebrity Search Terms: Akon, Beyonce, Aishwarya Rai, Gwen
Stefani and Britney Spears

-- Top 5 Content Genres: Music, Regional Entertainment, Sports, Comedy and

-- Most Popular Channels by Category:
o Music: Wyclef Jean
o Celebrity: Gwen Stefani
o Regional Entertainment: South African Music and IndiaTV
o Comedy: RipeTV and Comedy Central's Behind the Scenes podcast
o Anime: Naruto
o News: CNN podcast
o Sports: Cricket.1, JordonTV and Foxxy Sports

-- Most Popular Channels by Region:
o US: Wyclef Jean, XGames, RipeTV
o UK: Wyclef Jean, Akon
o India: Bollywood Trailers, Aishwarya Rai
o South Africa: Rugby, Cricket, Gwen Stefani
o Indonesia: Naruto, RipeTV
o Europe: Akon, Britney Spears, RipeTV
o South America: Futbol, RipeTV, Wyclef Jean
See or from a mobile browser:

Have you visited the new Forum Nokia Developer Community

A reminder here to check out the new and improved Forum Nokia developer community website. Complete with tips, blog updates, a Wiki, and much more... excellent stuff! see

mywaves Delivers Free Mobile Video via Nokia's Download!

With the mywaves application, Nokia phone owners will be able to easily find and watch their favorite videos from around the globe, set up their own channels and be entertained on the go with the latest videos on the web. The inclusion of mywaves in Download! follows the recent addition of the mywaves channel in the Nokia Video Center, a promotional area featuring top videos from the Web. See or from a mobile browser:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Free apps on Friday from Handango

Just a quick reminder, every Friday Handango is featuring a cool mobile pplication for free.. you have to grab it on Friday's so try and remember to bookmark it and have a looksee.. see

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The world's leading site yadayada

Don't you just love all those self-proclaiming tidbits that you find all over the web like, the number 1 site, or the Global Leader, or the World's greatest, yadayadayada... god that fluff drives me nuts! I just hit another new mobile tech site.. apparently it's "the #1 site for wireless users" ... hell, I never heard of them and they have a bustling forum with 2 threads in it.. ya, I can see that your #1! We see these headlines leading off in PR items all the time and yet you have to wonder, does anyone really ever believe any of that fluff? Maybe the next time you think about boasting about how your #1 you could back it up somehoe... now that would be impressive... food for thought.

Friday, December 14, 2007

N95 Comes With Internet Radio via Open Source

We've heard loads recently about Open Source and making waves most recently is the addition of Internet Radio to the growing list of Nokia's Open Source applications. Recall Nokia Research Center has made available the Internet Radio Client as a free application to the community. Naturally, curiosity got the best of me as I spent some time recently browsing the available apps for my new Nokia N95 8GB... low and behold, there was included on the deck a link to download the new, Open Source, Internet radio application... who wouldn't want to try this?? Free music, I'm all over that! See more in this article

N-Gage First Access Online Service Coming Tuesday December 18

A tip from the N-Gage blog tells us that N-Gage will be rolled out and available to some users next Tuesday, December 18... you'll need an N80 or N81 8GB to have special pre-release access - what, no N95 *GB acccess ;o( See

free Nokia tones, graphics and more

A tip - If you visit on your mobile web browser you can grab some nice, free tones and wallpapers for the holidays... enjoy!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Nokia World Video - 7 minutes in Amsterdam!

A video montage showing many of the images captured at Nokia World 2007 in Amsterdam... enjoy the 7 minutes and twelve seconds.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A freeware tip for Nokia N95 and 6110 Navigator users - GyPSii software

Just released, GyPSii software (freeware) for Nokia N95 and 6110 Navigator today. GypSii works as follows:

1. Take a photo using the app (or add an existing photo to the app) on your phone - this is called "PlaceMe"
2. Upload to GyPSii website with location attached (using GPS)
3. Check out what's around your current position ("Search") or where your GyPSii friends are ("SpaceMe"), see them on a map, share Places with them, etc etc
4. Log in to when you get home and check out what's going on in the rest of the world, or edit your own Places

The software is downloadable at (there's also Windows Mobile software)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Nokia World 2007 By The The Numbers

Interesting Numbers from Nokia World 2007

one quarter (1/4) - Recent research findings by Nokia have shown that within 5 years time more than one quarter of all consumed media will be created within the mobile user community where it is then distributed, shared, edited within the user community – think collaborative, social media.

1 - #1... One place to connect, manage, and share... OVI!

2.0 - Access your services and relationships.. Leading web2.0 serice providers are taking part in ovi.. youtube, flickr, facebook…

4 - Enter the 4th screen

5 - Nokia currently has 5 devices shipping with integrated GPS

10 - Nokia has plans in 2008 to add 10 new GPS-enabled devices

25 - Nokia predicts 25% of entertainment by 2012 will be created and consumed within peer communities

31 - WLAN users - 31%

39 - Nokia enjoys a 39% market share

54 - Nokia's new green packaging uses 54% less materials

57 - some 57% of those reserached by CitiBank are interested in mobile payment - 50% of users would consider switching carriers in order to have access to this service.

60 - s60 is THE power-user and platform

66 - there are now 66 S60 devices that have shipped

81 - 81% of users polled use their phone for web browsing

85 - some 85% of the materials in new "green" phones like the 3110 evolve can be reclaimed.

1000 - new mobile users per minute!

1000 - Internet radio is to be integrated into a seamless experience – with more than 1000 radio stations available to users

3000 - More than 3000 registered attendees in Amsterdam taking in Nokia World 2007... this up from 40 attendees of the first event.

3310.. part of the essentials segment.. has all the functionality people need but also made responsible with recycled material… more green devices will come as well.

9,000 - research took place between July and September 2007. 9,000 consumers, who are active users of technology and own a mobile device [not restricted to Nokia] aged 16-35 were questioned. Of the 9,000 consumers we surveyed:
- 23% buy movies in digital format
- 35% buy music on MP3 files
- 25% buy music on mobile devices
- 39% watch TV on the internet
- 23% watch TV on mobile devices
- 46% regularly use IM, 37% on a mobile device
- 29% regularly blog
- 28% regularly access social networking sites
- 22% connect using technologies such as Skype
- 17% take part in Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games
- 17% upload to the internet from a mobile device

10,000 - Viewright streaming mobile video application, runner up in Open C challenge involved 10,000 lines of code written in 3 months time by Steve Delaney, Carlsbad, CA

37,000 - if 100 million mobile device users switched to energy efficient models, the energy savings could power some 37,000 homes!

Millions - Nokia Comes With Music. This is not a streaming service but all the songs are there for users. Too good to be true!! Millions of songs available to all users any time any place!

5,000,000 - more than 5 million apps are downloaded per month via Nokia content download

100,000,000 - Anticipating what’s next from the users… recall 2001 in Barcelona... since then more than 100 million devices shipped.

200,000,000 - a key milestone was recently reached as the number of feature-rich “power” device users (aka. The S60 segment) surpassed the 200 million mark.

More out of Nokia World here

Vegas the dog tracked with Nokia Sports Tracker and N95

A video captured at Nokia World 2007 (by yours truly) showing an innovative app and user of Nokia Beta Labs popular Sports tracker application. Vegas the do wears a Nokia N95 GPS enabled device on his collar and him and his owner track his following using sports tracker.. clever and funny! Well done Vegas... I think I'l lstrap my old N95 to Nash my lab!

The Green Nokia - Nokia Evolving for a more sustainable future

Nokia is a Global leader in their market, no questioning that. So, perhaps their move to make "greener" more environmentally sound decisions in their business processes will spread to others... indeed they are a good role model for action. I have to say that one aspect of the Nokia World event that took me a bit by surprise was the company’s vision for a greener future and their commitment to deliver eco-friendly products and sustainable solutions… very impressive in my mind! Charting a new course – expect a Nokia that will take more risks to help shape the future of mobile communications.

Enter the Green device – Nokia 3110 Evolve

True testament to Nokia’s commitment to a sustainable World comes with the launch of a new, eco-friendly device – the Nokia 3110 Evolve. The device is made from 50% renewable material, and delivered in a smaller package made from recycled materials – indeed the dawn of a new era for the company. We were told that if 100 million mobile device users switched to energy efficient models, the energy savings could power some 37,000 homes! Some features of the 3110:
- sustainable and stylish
- natural tones and contrasting material finishes
- covers made from unpainted bio-sourced materials
- smaller packaging
- energy efficient charger, using 94% less energy than the standard charger.

Power efficient chargers will ship with new devices.

Made from recylcable materials and shipping in eco-friendly packages!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nokia World 2007 (Amsterdam) Slide show

Some images captured at Nokia World in Amsterdam...

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Nokia World from your armchair!

Obviously it was way more fun actually going to Amsterdam and seeing this in person, however, if you couldn't make it here are the Nokia videocasts from Nokia World 2007 in Amsterdam.. enjoy! For images from Nokia World see here

Monday, December 3, 2007

- Taken at 12:05 AM on December 03, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

- Taken at 3:09 PM on December 01, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu

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Geolocated photos into Google Maps or Google earth via Geo-RSS with ease

This may be old-school for some of you, others will appreciate this simple tip. All you need here is a Nokia N95 or other GPS-enabled device, some geotagged photos, a flickr account, a geo-RSS feed, and a Google account (optional) - read on for this simple GeoRSS photo feed, google map tutorial. If you use a GPS-enabled cameraphone (like the Nokia N95, N82, Nokia Navigator etc...) then you can easily post your photos to flickr or other online services (use a tool like Shozu to help with this). But did you know that Flickr creates a Geo-RSS feed from your photo stream? Even better, you can simply copy and paste your Geo-RSS feed location into the google maps search bar and voila... your photos are now available via Google maps to share with others, save to your mymaps or whatever the heck you want to do. Simply look at the bottom of your flickr page, you'll see options like RSS, GeoFeed and KML - yes you can easily open your photos in Google Earth too with a flickr provided KML file!

For users of Google, if you save your custom map in your MyMaps you'll have the ability to easily share your map feeds and you can even embed them in a webpage or blog.

Go to your flickr page, scroll to the bottomcopy the GeoRss feed url
jump back to google maps
paste the RSS feed url into the search bar and click "search maps"
click the "Link to this page" you can grab a link or embed the map into your webpage.

The link to this page provides a link back to Google Maps where you can view the photos

Selecting the Paste html code into your webpage is simple and displayed below - this is a live Google Map pulling my geotagged photos from the GeoRSS feed via Flickr.

View Larger Map

useful links:
Yahoo! Maps Web Services - GeoRSS v2 Reference

Friday, November 30, 2007

Geo ornament!
- Taken at 12:09 PM on November 29, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu

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The N-Gage Platform Showroom - N-Gage coming soon

Recall the N-Gage platform will be launching in December.. Nokia has a showroom where you can get a glimpse of what's coming. See
I can't wait to try connected, multi-player, location-enabled gaming... wow!

Another Nokia N95 up on Ebay.. when will it end?

Looks like Ed Parsons has joined the growing number of ex-N95 users and hopped on the iPhone bandwagon - no real surprise really as Ed comes from the Google camp is likely pressured internally to drink the cool aid! Too bad although ed does have some good points... indeed the second iteration of the N95 is much superior to the original (too bad I still have the original N95 -- and I'm one the biggest advocates of the N95.. go figure!). Ed's reason.. usability and you can't blame him.. Nokia smartphones indeed have the ability to run much more software and the applications available for the S60 ecosystem are plentiful to say the least. Here in North America no carriers (that I know of) are boasting the N95 whereas AT&T is pushing the iPhone.. no doubt some politics as it's THE smartphone of choice for the company to promote.. add to the fact that the AT&T CEO is not big on Nokia and feels the devices are full of flaws and he's also majorly ticked off that us here in North America get the latest Nokia devices months after they come to Europe. I'll still never be able to figure out Nokia's plans for North America and once again it seems that they are letting the iPhone steal more marketshare from themm just wait til next year when Android enabled devices come to market.. will there be any Nokia and Symbian OS faithful left in North America?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Antique Maps

If your into historical, antique maps for your home or office you can select from over 100 at

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Europe Aids map

The latest map showing the spread of Aids in Europe - source:

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a cool google mashup from findbyclick

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Beta testers for MyLoki

The crew at Skyhook wireless are inviting Beta testers for MyLoki - MyLoki location-enables social networking. As you travel around MyLoki can automatically let your friends know where you are using your favorite platform - Facebook, RSS Feeds, bages for your blog or even Jaiku. You can pick and choose how and where you want your location displayed. MyLoki automates location sharing and lets you choose how and where your location is displayed. Every time you’re in a new place, you’ll check into MyLoki, simply by opening your browser or manually entering your location. The MyLoki Facebook application will post all of your locations to your Mini Feed, showing your Facebook network where you are. Request your invite to the Beta here - see also the blog at

Take your N95 Geolocated photos into Google Maps via Geo-RSS with ease!

This may be old-school for some of you, others will appreciate this simple tip. If you use a GPS-enabled cameraphone (like the Nokia N95, N82, Nokia Navigator etc...) then you can easily post your photos to flickr or other online services (use a tool like Shozu to help with this). But did you know that Flickr creates a Geo-rSS feed from your photo stream? Even better, you can simply copy and paste your Geo-RSS feed location into the google maps search bar and voila... your photos are now available via Google maps to share with others, save to your mymaps or whatever the heck you want to do. Simply look at the bottom of your flickr page, you'll see options like RSS, GeoFeed and KML - yes you can easily open your photos in Google Earth too!

useful links:

AT&T CEO on Symbian smartphones in the US

A great interview over at engadget has the CEO of AT&T on the hotseat. He apparently doesn't hold back and is ticked off because the Europeans get all the cool devices months ahead of us and he cites devices that are full of flaws as another reason for devices like the N75 and E62 dragging their heels getting to market in the US. Sounds like a lame excuse to me... hey de la Vega, start stocking some freaking Symbian smartphones at AT&T will ya!! More on this over at symbianone or see the interview at Engadget

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Nokia N95 with GPS.. you can use the poor man's GPS

Nice job on this video... I'm still not likely to be a frequent visitor to GPS maniac (nothing very interesting there.. sorry!) although these videos are freaking funny... go spencer! View the vid below for the poor man GPS

CellySpace - create MMS, ringtones and mobile broadcasts

CellySpace is a clever new service that enables users to compose creative MMS messages, ringtones, videos or ?? and send to your mobile or share with friends. Users need to buy credits in order to use the service. See

T-Mobile USA with more flexible customer contracts

This from T-Mobile.. perhaps some relief from those pesky contract penalties... T-Mobile USA, Inc. has announced upcoming changes that will result in a new and more flexible policy for customers entering into contracts for service with T-Mobile USA. Under the company’s new guidelines, early termination fees (ETFs) will decline during the course of a customer’s contract with T-Mobile. The new ETF policy, and the specific details of the policy, are expected to be finalized and introduced in the first half of 2008. When they become effective, the terms will apply to new customers as well as current customers renewing contracts with T-Mobile. We'll wait and see what happens with this!

Google AdSense YouTube videos for blogs and websites

Interesting to see that Google Adsense program is now supporting video streaming from YouTube. Simply define your search criteria and serve relevant Youtube videos to your blog - and make some $ too!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tip - mobleo mobile bookmark manager

Need help keeping tabs on all your favorite mobile sites? Check out and use their bookmark manager either via PC or on mobile client. Very handy! See for free registration. Image below shows mobleo in use on Nokia N95.

Cool networking from Nokia World - Amsterdam

Kudos to the crew promoting Nokia World - taking place in Amsterdam the first week of November. They've created several groups that will enable attendees to connect... they have the Nokia World Facebook group, LinkedIn group, flickr group and others... nice job!

Of interest:
Nokia World Facebook
Nokia World Group on LinkedIn
Nokia World Flickr

Friday, November 23, 2007

The 0 nugget seats!
- Taken at 6:05 PM on November 23, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu

Mobile post sent by gisuser using Utterz Replies. and their new widgets

I love social fm and their mobile app (works great on S60)... below is a sample widget you can also embed on your blog.. how cool!

Nseries PC Suite updated to version 2.0

Have you updated your PC Suite yet? New features include:
-Improved and more user-friendly installation: web installer - no need to download every time the whole package, only selected applications.
- Nokia Photos with its excellent features integrated to the Nseries PC Suite package.
- Single-click sync for more user-friendly synchronization.
- Significantly improved stability.

GyPSii social networking platform for Symbian OS

New Geo-location social networking platform accredited for Nokia's N95 and 6110 Navigator. GyPSii combines - in a web-based application - a social networking platform, location-based news and services such as search and friend-finder, and user generated content-creation and sharing.
Designed specifically for use on a mobile phone, the GyPSii platform is already compatible with Windows Mobile devices and by adding Symbian and Nokia support, GyPSii is now available on the vast majority of mobile phones and almost any Internet connected device. GyPSii for Nokia and Windows Mobile is available for download at the company's website-

Thursday, November 22, 2007


happy thanksgiving all!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First snow!
- Taken at 6:48 AM on November 21, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

GPShopper (Slifter) Wins Tele Atlas Maps in Apps Contest

A cool app for your handset... think if it as your own personal mobile concierge... Become a GPS Shopper! Kudos to Slifter and their GPS shopper on this win... the app is indeed cool, to say the least! I recall I first featured Slifter last Christmas (prior to their fame) as an application to watch. GPShopper ( is the first ever local mobile phone product search. With big name retailers and over 50 million products, GPShopper and its revolutionary Slifter ( technology allows consumers to receive up-to-the-minute product availability, location and pricing right on their cell phones. See more on the Contest in this PR from Tele Atlas

Glenn95 Blog Widset

Take all your news on the road with you with the new and improved Widsets. If you aren't familiar with Widsets you need to be, particularly if you want to stay informaed with your favorite news resources or blogs. Many of the leading sources are available as a channel and you can also grab my AnyGeo Widset, the GISuser Widset, LBSzone Widset, SymbianOne Widset and Glenn95 Widset as well... enjoy. Be sure to publish your own widset so you and others can enjoy your content via mobile... you can even create a widset channel from your Flickr feed or essentially anything with an RSS feed.

Add to my Widsets

mobile mapping

the UK version of Google's street view data collection

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