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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nokia Research - GPS Sports Tracker gets a major update at 1.66

Hey Sports Tracker fans and mobile sports enthusiasts, we have news of a great gift for you in the latest upgrade to the Awesome, Sports Tracker Application now at R. 1.66. Now the mobile app is tightly integrated with the Online Beta Service! I accidentally spotted this update this morning when I went into Sports Tracker and was prompted for an update. I updated to version 1.66 and to my surprise the service is now compatible with the newly launched Nokia Sports Tracker Online Beta web service. See more in this article

Feel free to friend me in Sports Tracker - search user gisuser

See sample trek -

1 comment:

Pedro said...

Hi Glenn

Great site!!

i recently have a n95

I am from Uruguay, there´s maps for navigating here? how can i get those?

as I am a frequent business traveller, how can i get maps from the US, Europe, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, downloads automatically?