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Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Nokia N95 up on Ebay.. when will it end?

Looks like Ed Parsons has joined the growing number of ex-N95 users and hopped on the iPhone bandwagon - no real surprise really as Ed comes from the Google camp is likely pressured internally to drink the cool aid! Too bad although ed does have some good points... indeed the second iteration of the N95 is much superior to the original (too bad I still have the original N95 -- and I'm one the biggest advocates of the N95.. go figure!). Ed's reason.. usability and you can't blame him.. Nokia smartphones indeed have the ability to run much more software and the applications available for the S60 ecosystem are plentiful to say the least. Here in North America no carriers (that I know of) are boasting the N95 whereas AT&T is pushing the iPhone.. no doubt some politics as it's THE smartphone of choice for the company to promote.. add to the fact that the AT&T CEO is not big on Nokia and feels the devices are full of flaws and he's also majorly ticked off that us here in North America get the latest Nokia devices months after they come to Europe. I'll still never be able to figure out Nokia's plans for North America and once again it seems that they are letting the iPhone steal more marketshare from themm just wait til next year when Android enabled devices come to market.. will there be any Nokia and Symbian OS faithful left in North America?

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John said...

I have, and use daily both an iPhone and an N95. While the N95 wins on the camera and GPS, the iPhone is a much better device to use.

If Nokia really wants to improve, I think they need to dump Symbian, get a real OS, and get some user experience engineers ASAP.

It would also help if they'd get rid of the convoluted C++ environment they've created which does little more than bloat all applications. Objective-C might not be perfect, but it is a lot less prone to bloat. To be honest, the Symbian APIs I've looked at so far remind me of the things students cone up with when first shown C++ or Java. Keeping it simple goes out the window as they try to use as many of the language's features as possible.