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Monday, November 12, 2007

Free Tracking from 3Dtracking for your Nokia N95

3dtracking now provides their service to users of Symbian smartphones, as well as users of the new range of Nokia phones. 3dtracking has also added a number of new features to their free tracking service, including the ability for users to display a Google Map on their own personal websites that displays their latest tracking position. This means that 3dtracking users can allow reader/friends/family to track their positions, but do not have to give up any account details to anyone. See

1 comment:

Ran said...

ank Glen for the tip. I reached the phase where I was expected to "record some data on your mobile device and send it to our system" and stopped.
Can you teach me how to send the information? My email address is (This looks like a suspicious address, but it's not. It's an address issued by and which prevents anyone who reads my request to send me spam).