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Monday, October 6, 2008

The 16GB MicroSD

The 16GB MicroSD supported by Nokia N95 is here... you can grab it for around 50 Euro... for more on using the latest in memory see this report on the 16GB card. You can purchase online here


sharyl said...

While San Disk has made no official announcements, their 16GB Micro SD cards are popping up for sale at various internet retailers (at various prices, we might add). Ranging from $80 to $220 (we'd go with the $80), prices will settle with more availability.

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BA said...

I'm so excited about it. I just received my 16 GB MicroSD card. I will be testing it on different phones. My card can be seen on my blog here said...

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havingmyperiod said...

I have had issues using even the 4GB MicroSD card before, so this is really too much of an overkill. It made me buy the Nokia N95 8GB and sold off my N95 Classic. Let hope that it doesn't have any issues with the phone.

I like how you are sharing with others on how you use your phone. You may see how I use mine at

Mark David said...

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