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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting those Flickr photos on the map

If you have GPS data associated with your digital photos it should be easy to get them on a map. In theory, yes, however, there are a TON of utilities out there and finding exactly the right one for your needs can be tough. Since I now have a Nokia N95 with GPS I would like to have all my photos available via a map UI.. should be simple right? I'm getting close but it hasn't been easy. Geobloggers blog reminded me that RSS and KML formatted Flickr data is easily availabel from flickr.. thanks! So, this means I can grab a KML output file of all my geotagged flickr photos - here's a sample of my photos output as KML. Now I can easily grab this string and enter it into the Google MAps search dialog and then voila, I can see my geolocated images on the map... nice! One problem though... I'm still manually adding my photos on a map using flickr's map this photos utility.. this is the step I need to get rid of. Hopefully soon I'll have the tool I need to enable flickr (and other apps) to recognize and read the GPS data from my photos. A great starting point is this page on the Google Code section on Geotagging photos.

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