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Friday, August 1, 2008

Google Locking Blooggers out of their Blog - thanks Google!

I got a weird email message last night that I first thought was junk, then I realized it was actually legit! Google has some new automated system that is flagging potential spam blogs and locking out owners. I was one of the many unlucky ones with my very popular GISuser AnyGeo blog being flagged for some reason and locked! Friggin marvelous move Google.

After searching the web for how to contact the blogger team -- good luck with that one!!! - it seems many others are having the same mis-fortune.

For one, I'm very pi#@#$#@$ed off about this, particularly since I'm off to San Diego for the ESRI UC bnext week and had planned on blogging.. great! So, if anyone from Google happens to read this, maybe contact me (glenn at and offer up some help or advice. Otherwise, WordPress is sure starting to look good!!

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