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Friday, October 12, 2007

More on social networking with utterz

This is a very interesting application designed to be used from a PC client or mobile. It's rather "twitterish" and then some. After setting up a profile (free) users can then configure for auto blog updates where the application then feeds a user's weblog (most popular apps seem to be supported). I configured it to post all my updates to this blogger blog and it did so immediately without hassle - it even realizes that I have multiple blogger profiles in my setup, something my apps freak-out on! Widgets are provided - see right sidebar - where my utterz are also available for viewing and listening. So far I've uploaded a message via the familiar PC client through their website, very simple, and it seems that the text is also turned into an audio clip available on the widget. I've also sent a photos and a video via mobile (N95). I did notice that having the auto blog-update as well as a widget is a bit redundant but remember I was simply testing the functionality.

Utterz seems to have freaked out a bit on the Shozu, recall I use shozu on my mobile to crunch data when uploading... it also neables me to easily send multi-media without having to go through a cumbersome SMS or email send process. Utterz seems to want to post an audio clip from shozu (odd) and then the video does in fact get uploaded.. I'll have to mess around some more. Finally, the audio welcome message that is now available for listening to via the widget was created simply by me calling the special phone number and leaving the message... I'm imagining leaving messages on a personal blog using this or maybe even posting a bunch of audio clips when I'm attending a conference.. imagine live updates from every session or booth I visit while on the road.. way cool! The final test will be to see if the utter blog posts freak out planet geosapatial as I know I've had problems with this in the past, for example, when I auto blog update images from flickr the planet GS freaks out and then I typically get an email from JAmes asking me what's up ;0) For more on utterz see

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