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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sinbad Search Beta released

Sinbad Search as an open beta, it is a free application designed for smart mobile devices to simplify information retrieval. We are hoping to find some people interested in smartphones and smartphone applications to take it for a test drive, give us some feedback and maybe even write a bit about it on the web.

Sinbad Search is for looking up information on the go, it is not just intended as another RSS reader but software for finding information you need using your phone wherever you are. It is built with a simple interface and minimal bandwidth use in mind.

Sinbad Search uses modules to organize its functionality and different modules allow you to search specific information. Examples of modules are a dictionary module for word explanation and Wikipedia for encyclopedic reference. There are currently 80 modules ranging from news, famous blogs, reference to entertainment information such astrology and jokes of the day, of course the list will keep on growing. Sinbad Search is less than 100 kilobytes and needs a data connection since everything is accessed online. It is supported on just about any recent phone with Java and we've got a dedicated version for Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform too. We of course have a lot of phones yet to test, but that's all part of the beta process.

You can get it from

or from the mobile version of the website at

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